Amazfit Beats the new Xiaomi smartwatch with GPS

With the increase in technology, new devices have been created that make life easier and help us in our daily activities. In these we can include the wearables of Xiaomi, in this case we will have two models “presumably” in the market soon: Amazfit Beats and the My Band 3.
Amazfit Beats and My Band 3 possible new wearables from Xiaomi

Competition in the market between these devices is increasing every day, so manufacturers must try to make improvements to their new products so that they are accepted by users and position themselves well in sales.

This is the case of Xiaomi, a company that has been characterized by the success of sales of their wearables, due to their designs and versatility.

Recently, information was leaked regarding the next model that will be promoted, which has the name Amazfit Beats (user MrPostman). We tell you how can be the new model of Huami (the manufacturer of smartwatch and Xiaomi bracelets).
The Amazfit Beats

As we mentioned previously, it is a filtered information, so the name could change later when they decide to launch the device, however at the moment it is known as “Amazfit Beats”.

The word “Beats” here is key, since it tells us that it would use a heart rate sensor, and that it would be one of its fundamental functions, so it can be used to take care of our health, as in the case of diabetics.

It is expected that this smart watch also has the other functions that have other Xiaomi devices, such as pedometer, GPS, support for Alipay, among others.

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