Rumors about Samsung’s S4 smartwatch

The smart watch is a wearable that has gained much popularity among technology lovers, so many expect with high expectations the new models that will be released to the market by the big brands, one of these brands is Samsung, and its expected Gear S4.
The arrival of the Samsung Gear S4, a new vision of Smartwatch

This smartwatch will be high-end, and the company is currently developing it, in fact the name proposed for it is the Gear S4.

Currently there are not many details about this new smart watch, but what is known is that the model number would be the SM-R800.

There are many rumors on the web regarding the design and features of this new device, so in this article we decided to collect them all to get a general idea.

The Samsung company announced earlier that it plans to launch flexible smartphones to the market, so it is rumored that this new smartwatch may have this feature.

However, it is not believed that the device is completely flexible, but may have a flexible element in its structure.

The inclusion of a camera in smart watches is something that often does not work because they need to have a good resolution.

But in the case of this new model it is rumored that it would have a camera with optical zoom, so it can be assumed that the quality of the photographs can be high.
Digital assistant

The Bixby digital voice assistant will be included in the Gear S4, as the Samsung has confirmed that many of its new devices will have this functionality.
Sensors and connectivity

Sensors are an extremely important aspect when it comes to smart watches.

It is expected that this new model has GPS sensors, GLONASS, BEIDOU, as well as sensors used for monitoring sleep and physical activity.

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